June 18, 2017

Gay couple elected prom king and queen in Maine’s Sanford High School

Friday, June 3, 2011

Although prom may have taken place over two weeks ago at Maine’s Sanford High School, the fact that students elected a gay couple as prom king and queen remains the talk of the local community.

During the May 14 event, 17-year-old Christian Nelsen was named prom queen, running as a write-in candidate. One of Nelsen’s friends, Holly Smith, spoke of the help they provided in getting him elected: “The day of prom, we went downstairs, and he was yelling ‘Vote for Christian Nelsen!’ And I was helping people spell his name, or telling them how to write it on the ballot”.

Anyone can win, and on that same notion any type of person can win.

Nelsen’s boyfriend, Caleb Jett, was elected prom king. “I kinda got voted in because he got queen, and it was like ‘Who do we vote for king?’ and it was like ‘Oh, well, his boyfriend, obviously, because that makes sense,'” he said. The two young men wore suits, shirts, and ties to the prom. When the results of the election were announced, they danced the king-queen dance together, Jett wearing his crown and Nelsen his tiara.

Maine is one of only two states in New England that have not recognized same-sex marriages. Though they are aware that not everyone supports them, the couple ran to combat high school stereotypes and to encourage more tolerance. Nelsen commented, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl who wins prom king or prom queen from now on. Anyone can win, and on that same notion any type of person can win. And I’m talking about the tolerance level of all people when I talk about that, so anyone who is bullied or even just under the radar can win this type of thing.”

Minister of a parish of the United Church of Christ Reverend Diane Wendorf supported the couple, citing her church’s values of tolerance and diversity. “I’m glad, too, that they were crowned king and queen, because there are all different kinds of people in this world.” Some Sanford residents a local news agency interviewed did not approve of the gay couple’s crowning, though none agreed to go on camera — out of concerns that their comments might offend someone.

The matter is expected to be brought up by interested citizens at an upcoming school committee meeting. Committee Chair Mark Lucier stated that the school is gathering information on the election, and that the committee may decide if it needs to address the future selection of prom kings and queens.

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June 16, 2017

Selecting A Bankruptcy Attorney In Middletown Ohio}

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Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney in Middletown Oh often means the real difference between a new beginning with your finances and being stuck with unmanageable debt. What in case you look out for in this kind of lawyer? You need a lawyer who comprehends the chapter 7 legal guidelines very precisely, and they can tell which exemptions provide the a lot of benefits within your specific situation. You would like somebody that practical knowledge rather than fresh out of law school, so they are happy in front of the court and will get the wanted outcome. Ask any feasible lawyer or attorney concerning the number of instances handled every year, must be lawyer who only handles a couple of bankruptcy cases every year is probably not the best choice.

Any bankruptcy attorney in Middletown Ohio will practice bankruptcy law, however, not all of these lawyers provide you with the same representation or final results. Some may only spend a half an hour on your own case, while others may look at each angle to make sure all items have already been considered. The lawyer will execute a comprehensive analysis of the situation, and make clear all feasible alternatives to bankruptcy, as well as detailing which bankruptcy, if any at all, is the better choice for your situation. Ask in the event the attorney is Board Certified, or in the event the legal professional limits his practice to engaging in only consumer bankruptcy. You don’t want to take a significant medical situation to a family doctor, similarly, you do not want to take a potential bankruptcy case to a “jack of all trades” general practice attorney. Bankruptcy law is really an area of expertise.

Price is another aspect in selecting the most appropriate bankruptcy attorney in Middletown Oh. Your financial allowance may allow a quantity, as well as the cost charged can vary from one lawyer or attorney to another location. You should locate one who charges an acceptable cost that you can afford, and will give your case the interest it deserves. This might seem like a balancing act, but don’t forget that you’re paying for expert legal counsel and representation and want the most effective you may get. Attempt to balance the cost with the best attorney you’ll find, and you will get quality legal counsel for any price you are able to normally afford. Beware “bargain basement” legal professionals. The cheapest lawyer around is seldom the best choice to suit your needs. Similarly, the priciest isn’t necessarily the best either. Look for credentials if the attorney has a lot of good testimonials from clientele. Have a look at Google and see if any good or bad evaluations can be found.

Getting a bankruptcy attorney in Middletown Ohio is easy, (so many inexperienced attorneys or lawyers are attempting to capitalize on the monetary burdens of consumers these days) but getting engineered to be the very best match your personality and legal desires may be harder. Don’t let yourself be worried about asking questions, and you should be happy with the attorney you ultimately decide on. If you’re not comfortable or have doubts then you should keep on looking unless you find a lawyer that does place you relaxed. Ensure you understand what the costs are at the start, and what you should receive in substitution for this amount. You need to be offered an itemized fee estimate up front, in addition to a conclusion of all steps how the attorney will take for you personally. Also, ask if the attorney will assist in assisting keep your credit report is accurate following your case has ended. A good legal professional provides all this for his clients.

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EU awards partial victory to Finland over wolf hunting case

Sunday, June 17, 2007

On June 14 the European Court of Justice awarded a partial victory to Finland in a case in which the European Commission alleged that Finland was issuing licenses to hunt wolves in a manner contradictory to rules laid down by the Commission, partly dismissing the commission’s case. The case was initially filed in 2005. Crucially, Finland’s wolf management plan will not be changed as a result of the decision.

The court said that the commission had not proved that Finland was issuing the licenses in a manner that threatened the survival of the country’s wolf population, estimated at around 250, and Finland themselves claim the number of Finnish wolves has recently doubled.

The court ruled that despite two cases where Finland was found to be in the wrong, this did not amount to “constant and general administrative practice amounting to a breach.” Finland had issued the licenses on a preventative basis, but EU regulations state that there must be proof of damage or other danger which can only be solved by killing the animal(s) involved, and thus Finland was breaching the Habitats Directive.

The court ruled that both sides should pay their own legal costs as both had failed in at least one of their claims.

“The European Court of Justice ratifies the main lines of the wolf population management plan,” the Finnish agriculture ministry said. “When planning future wolf policy in Finland, the ministry will take note of the court of justices decision on the wolf and the grounds for it”.

However, the ministry also said that it would still issue permits to prevent “very significant loss or damage” providing a survey no more than a year old showed that hunting could actually prevent this loss or damage.

“The crucial point of the decision is that the current system, based on hunting permits granted by the game management districts, is not contrary to the habitats directive,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The game management districts can continue to grant permits to hunt wolf within the limits laid down by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.”

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June 15, 2017

US Senator Kennedy has brain tumor surgically removed

Monday, June 2, 2008

Today, United States Senator Ted Kennedy underwent surgery for a brain tumor at Duke University Medical Center. Kennedy, 76, was diagnosed with malignant glioma, a common but dangerous form of cancer, after suffering a seizure on May 17.

Kennedy has met repeatedly with friend and medical advisor Dr. Lawrence C. Horowitz to plan a course of treatment. The first, of the major phases of that treatment has now been completed, and it is expected that chemotherapy and radiotherapy will follow.

“I am pleased to report that Senator Kennedy’s surgery was successful and accomplished our goals,” said Dr. Allan Friedman, the chief of neurosurgery at Duke, who performed the surgery. “After a brief recuperation, he will begin targeted radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital and chemotherapy treatment,” Friedman added.

In talks with the press, the senator has focused on his future beyond surgery. In a prepared statement issued by his office, Kennedy stated, “after completing treatment, I look forward to returning to the United States Senate and to doing everything I can to help elect Barack Obama as our next president.”

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Your Guide To Doors &Amp; Deadbolts Internal And Surface Mount

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By Phillip Dye

Adding deadbolts to your doors is a sure-fire way to help you achieve the two most important goals of homeownersto provide the highest level of protection from intruders for your family and property.

When deciding which deadbolt is right for you, there are two main types to choose from, the internal or surface mount. The internal mount provides the highest level of security, but involves a more complicated installation procedure. No matter which type you choose, however, the presence of a deadbolt is considered highly effective protection against intruders. Not only do they make it significantly more difficult and time-consuming for an intruder to break-in, but the very presence of a deadbolt is also known to act as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Initial Stages of Installation for Internal Mount Deadbolts –

As you prepare to install your deadbolt, it’s important to remember that it needs to set somewhere between nine and twelve inches below or above the lock-set. After you figure out wehere it needs to go, be surtain that the area does not have any door hardware which will obstruct your installation.

YouTube Preview Image

The installation of the deadbolt involves several easy steps. First of all, find the lock template that is included in the kit and tape it on the door in the area of the desired location of the deadbolt. To ensure that the location of the lock will be square with the door, simply tape the template to the door and line it up with a combination square. Once the template is satisfactorily aligned, mark on the door with a pencil the location of the screw and cylinder holes. Next, drill out pilot holes for the screws, and, finally, use a hole saw to drill out the location of the lock cylinder. Please note that in order to avoid splintering the wood of the door when using the hole saw, stop drilling as soon as the pilot bit goes through the door the first time through, then drill the remainder of the way from the other side.

Final Steps of Installation of a Surface Mount Deadbolt –

First of all, place the cylinder ring around the cylinder, making sure the keyhole is at the bottom. From the outside of the door, insert the cylinder and connecting bar into the cylinder hole. Then, after setting the bolt into the open position, align the bolt case with the connecting bar and attach the case to the inside of the door. You will find that the connecting bar is perforated so that you can snap it off in case the bar is too long for the width of your door.

In order to successfully complete the installation of the surface mount deadbolt, one step remains. Close the door and trace where the strike is on the jamb, then chisel a mortise in the jamb to make a snug fit for the strike. All that remains to be done is to test the lock to make sure it is set correctly and it works properly. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making your home and family more safe and secure.

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June 14, 2017

UK education secretary Michael Gove to drop GCSEs in favour of new O-level-style exams

Friday, June 22, 2012

According to documents leaked to the press, Conservative education secretary Michael Gove intends to drop GCSE exams as part of a sweeping reform of the school exam system in England and replace them with exams based on the traditional “O-level” system that GCSEs replaced in the 1980s.

As leaked, Gove plans to phase out the current General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams, with students taking exams in the replacement courses in the summer of 2016. Combined science courses would be split out into separate qualifications in physics, biology, and chemistry. Gove has said reforms to the examination system are needed to fight against what he perceives to be a “dumbing down” of academic standards.

The top ‘A’ grade in mathematics would require advanced topics such as Calculus, and English literature exams would no longer allow access to the set text.

I can hardly think of a worse education reform than ‘bringing back the CSE’ – dead-end exams for children treated as second rate.

The leaked document also notes the government intends to scrap the National Curriculum at the secondary school level “and not replace it”. Instead, school headteachers would be able to decide what to teach in order to prepare pupils for the examination.

Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, said the plans were “self-evidently not policy that has been discussed or agreed within the coalition”.

Justice minister Ken Clarke suggested on BBC programme Question Time the leak originated within the Department of Education rather than from Gove personally: “If the secretary of state for education leaked it I would feel very strongly about it, but I don’t think he did”.

Conservative MP Graham Stuart has questioned the timing of the plans given reforms to GCSEs last year. “This has come out of the blue”, he said to BBC Radio 4. “Just last year, the government was ramping up its new GCSE target and now a year on we are having to change back to the future, and back to O-Levels.”

Kevin Brennan, Labour’s shadow schools minister, said Gove’s proposals were a move “back to the 1950s”.

the current system needs improving … some GCSEs really don’t stretch the very brightest

Andrew Adonis, a Labour Peer, criticised the plans on Twitter: “I can hardly think of a worse education reform than ‘bringing back the CSE’ – dead-end exams for children treated as second rate.” Nick Clegg mirrored this complaint, saying he would oppose any plan “that would lead to a two-tier system where children at quite a young age are somehow cast on a scrap heap”.

Dr Wendy Piatt from the Russell Group, which represents a number of top-end British universities, agreed with Michael Gove that there is a problem: “the current system needs improving”, she told ITV’s Daybreak, because “some GCSEs really don’t stretch the very brightest”. Piatt warned “there is a real danger here… there is a worry that at a very early age you will be pigeonholed and then put on a course that is not really suitable for you and then you won’t be able to change to the more academic course”.

Do you think the UK government should drop GCSE exams?
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Dr Kevin Stannard from the Girls Day School Trust challenged the plans, suggesting since “able pupils” are already going to continue studying some subjects, “why not require them to take exams at 16 only in the core subjects that they propose to drop? That would encourage breadth in learning to 16, while also giving students the space for deeper learning.”

Leighton Andrews, the Education Minister in Wales, said Wales “certainly won’t be bringing back O-levels” and leaking the plans to the newspapers was a “bonkers way of proceeding”. Instead, he vowed the Welsh would make decisions as to curriculum and exam reform “in our own time on the basis of evidence supplied to us”.

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Dubai leader Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum dead

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

“His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai has passed away. He was 62 years old.”

The above statement from the Ministry of Presidential Affairs confirmed that the ruler of Dubai died earlier this morning in Australia. The statement added that “the UAE had lost a historical leader from its leaders who dedicated his life to building the country, and strove to do his best for its people.”

The official mourning period will last for 40 days, during which all UAE flags will fly at half mast. Ministries and government organisations will be closed for seven days, starting Wednesday.

Local stock markets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai shed 1.8% and 3.3%, respectively, in early trading.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, the largest business & cultural event in Dubai’s calendar, has been postponed until further notice, in a statement by CEO Saeed Al Nabouda.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been named the new ruler of Dubai, in an accession process that officials described as being automatic.

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June 12, 2017

Creating A Landscape Garden Design}

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Creating A Landscape Garden Design


Ann Marier –

Many people enjoy gardening and caring for their lawns as a hobby, making a beautiful outdoor space with ones own thoughts, ideas, and work is very rewarding. Making a beautiful landscape garden design can be difficult for new gardeners or for some experienced gardeners as well.

Making a landscape garden design implies grafting a plant for each walkway, garden bed, tree, rock, and blade of grass to create the perfect outdoor space. This can seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but it doesnt have to be. There are very basic forms that can be followed to make the space seem just right without taking so much work that it isnt fun anymore.

Themed Gardens

YouTube Preview Image

Most landscape garden designs are based on a theme of some sort; it could be birds, relaxation, fragrance, a favorite plant or flower, a favorite color, or just about anything else. The point of a theme is to create a pattern and point of interest with in the landscape garden design to hold the viewers attention.

This can be accomplished subtlety or with obvious focal point. The key is pattern and repetition. The human eye likes to see pattern and repeating patterns; this can be accomplished in landscape garden design with color, size, species, or with an external commonality such as an animal the plants will attract.

Color is an important tool for landscape garden design, using bright cheery colors can create an entirely different feel than more subdued cool colors or neutral colors. Using bright colors in combination with cools or neutrals can enhance an overall theme.

If the subject of the landscape garden design were to attract butterflies, the garden beds could reflect this by creating floral wings on each side of the garden path, filled with flowers and plants butterflies need to grow and breed. To enhance the butterfly feel even further the colors used in the floral wings could reflect the butterflies the garden is meant to attract in color as well as shape.

Most landscape garden designs allow for paths and section planting areas into beds or by other likenesses. To create a unique garden space one can create lines with plant height, plant color, plant type, and the garden paths to create an over all affect that is pleasing to the gardener and their guests.

Using the butterfly garden example, choosing the plants a particular species of butterfly prefers and working around those colors, pairing it with like colors or plant heights can create dimension or a pattern within a pattern, which will give the garden a unique effect.

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bird problems

providing helpful tips and advice. Read her latest articles on

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offering a new insight and ideas.

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Creating A Landscape Garden Design }

June 11, 2017

380 million year old fossilized trees found in New York, USA

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two fossilized trees with their roots, trunks and heads still attached, and are said to be over 380 million years old, have been found in the state of New York inside a rock quarry near Gilboa, New York in the USA.

Researchers call the extinct tree a Wattieza and this particular tree stood over 30 feet tall and used spores to reproduce rather than seeds. It may have even looked like many palms trees that exist today, but did not have any leaves. Instead they had fronds much like a fern.

“These were very big trees. Our reconstruction shows them to be a lot longer and much more treelike than any of the reconstructions before. I don’t think any of us dared think of them being quite that big,” said paleobotanist at the State University of New York at Binghamton, and one of the researchers who studied the tree, William Stein.

Over 130 years ago in 1870, the same kind of trees, but only the stumps, were also found in Gilboa after flood waters caused the stumps to be exposed. A few decades later in the 1920s, another set of stumps were found in the same area.

In 2004, the researchers found a top to one of the trees that weighed almost 400 pounds not too far from Gilboa.

Researchers say that these trees likely shaped the forests of Earth as we see them today, and that the trees existed long before dinosaurs were roaming the planet.

“In forming the first forests, they must have really changed the Earth system as a whole, creating new types of micro-environments for smaller plants and insects, storing large amounts of carbon and binding the soil together. The rise of forests removed a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This caused temperatures to drop and the planet became very similar to its present-day conditions,” said the leader of the research team, Christopher Berry.

Wattiezas were most common during the Devonian period and existed on the planet before fish evolved sufficiently to leave the seas.

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