August 9, 2017

Wind Power Accounted For 12% Of Electricity Demand In 2020

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By Jerri Lily

Industrial environment, there is still room for improvement

Global Wind Energy Council and the international environmental organization Greenpeace in Beijing on October 12 jointly issued the “Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010” report shows that by 2020, wind energy can meet 12% of global electricity demand by 2030 of up to 22%. Greenpeace International Renewable Energy Director Sven Teske said that by 2030, wind energy is today the market size will be 3 times the scale of investment required to reach 202 billion euros. Participate in an expert report was released at the same time that the States should also increase the power grid construction, the implementation of appropriate policies, and through the development of carbon trading for the wind energy industry to create market environment.

Double by 2015 wind power Investment

“Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010” report points based on three general and optimistic scenarios of future global wind energy industry is predicted. According to Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General Steve Sawyer, due to the global wind energy industry in recent years, rapid development had made to the Global Wind Energy Council forecasts not keep up with the most radical of the actual wind industry growth.

According to the report the most optimistic scenario predicts that the global wind power investment will amount to 57.45 billion euros, while in 2015 this figure will reach 109.072 billion euros, compared with almost double the current investment. The global wind power installed capacity in 2010 is expected to add approximately 40GW, the total installed capacity of 200GW, to double again in 2014 to 400GW.

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“In 2010, wind energy industry, 600,000 employees every 30 minutes to install one unit, each unit installed three years, there is one China.” Greenpeace International Renewable Energy Director Sven Teske said. “By 2030, wind energy is today the market size will be 3 times the scale of investment required to reach 202 billion euros. We will see one in every seven minutes to put up a new wind turbine.”

Wind energy can reduce the main greenhouse gas emissions while meeting growing energy demand worldwide. Global wind energy capacity is expected to report to up to 10 million kilowatts by 2020, reduce annual emissions of 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to “Copenhagen” in 2020, made by developed countries emission reduction commitments -75% to 50%. By 2030, expected to be 23 million kilowatts of wind power installed capacity, a total of 34 billion tons of carbon to reduce emissions.

Wind energy has become a mainstream power source in many countries, all over the world have been adopted in 75 countries. “Interestingly, most of the wind energy industry growth in industrialized states,” Global Wind Energy Council President Klaus Rave said. “Before 2030, we expect more than half of the world’s wind farms will be established in developing countries and emerging economies.”

China is the world’s largest wind power market is the world’s largest wind turbine production base. Until the end of 2009, domestic wind power installed capacity of 2,500 kilowatts. In the “Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010” predicted cases in all, China is the fastest growing wind energy industry, single country, the report predicts China’s wind power installed capacity in 2020 will reach the present times.

Industrial environment, there is still room for improvement

Despite the strong development momentum of the global wind power industry, but other factors are still restricting the power of wind power utilization. Sven Teske said the wind power industry, power issues are increasingly important, but the lack of grid capacity in many countries.

“Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010” that in parts of China’s power grid infrastructure is a serious problem, especially in high wind northwest, north and northeast regions. At present, China’s wind power industry has shown more than installed capacity of wind turbine manufacturing, the trend of capacity over the Internet capacity, the wind power industry was once considered the development of overheating.

In addition to the development of latency network access to the Internet problems outside, Steve Sawyer that the country has long had a large number of fossil energy subsidies explicit or implicit, as wind and other renewable energy development barriers. He said the development of carbon markets, carbon trading funds to develop the use of wind power relative increase subsidies for clean energy is conducive to wind energy industry.

And Sven Teske is stressed that the carbon market to promote the development of wind power industry, the role of carbon targets will be the impact of market price fluctuations. He considered that wind power should be given an appropriate tariff to better promote the industry. And China’s recent offshore wind power in the lowest tender price 0.61 yuan Steve Sawyer appears to be insufficient in building the offshore wind farm.

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May 11, 2017

Fun And Profit With Scale Classic Cars Models For Collectors

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By Adrianna Noton

Car models are exact replicas or representations of automobiles scaled down to miniature size. Once upon a time they were manufactured as toys for children to play with. Since the sixties however, collecting these tiny treasures has become a hobby unto itself and today scale classic cars models for collectors is fairly big business.

The car-collecting craze began in the post World War II thirties and forties with wooden, tinplate or iron die cast metal scale replicas. Car manufacturers began making 1 to 25 scale cars as promotional tools for their dealers and salespeople. Inevitably, kids got their hands on them and started trading and collecting in addition to playing. By the fifties and sixties the collecting hobby had caught on and car model-making kits first made an appearance. With these fans could pay homage to their favorite classic cars by building them, chrome component by chrome component.

Over time, kits became more and more sophisticated and detailed, with astonishing degrees of accuracy and working parts. Collectible plastic and metal cars, cast or in kit form, now come in a range of scale to original from the most loved scale of 1 to 43 (this is even referred to as the collector scale) of rare vintage hand-made models all the way down to 1 to 64 or even smaller of matchbox replicas.

YouTube Preview Image

As with most collectibles scale models of beloved classic cars tend to appreciate in value over time. Limited editions are always desirable and mint condition vintage models or kits can command astonishing re-sale prices. But trading and collecting is much more than a profit-making venture.

All the hobby experts give the same advice to collectors. Never buy something you do not actually love. They also suggest that diversifying a collection as much as possible will maximize overall value when it comes time to sell. At the other end of the spectrum, lower price models made of innovative new resins have become attractive to a new generation of collectors.

Collectors are resourceful when it comes to uncovering the most coveted cars. These tend to be the more classic models that everyone recognizes and admires. Aside from specialty shops catering to the informed collector, there are many online forums and hobbyist sites to choose from. Collectors tend to band together in associations and clubs where they can trade deals, information and news about their hobby. They also share tips about spotting fakes and counterfeits made without the blessing of the classic car manufacturer.

Limited edition and vintage classic car replicas can sometimes be found on eBay and other auction sites. And for the old-fashioned treasure hunter, flea markets, garage sales and junk shops can still sometimes yield hidden gems.

Today there is a profusion of outlets selling scale classic cars models for collectors. Building a strong collection will likely one day prove profitable when it is finally sold but most model car buffs will tell you that they are in it for the love not the money. Either way there is a lot of fun to be had with these miniature marvels.

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December 6, 2016

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