January 27, 2017

Industrial Use Of Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet}

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Virtually various heavy and light industries use Perforated Metal Products. It has many qualities that are why people adopting perforated metal. It has a greater, more predictable, and more accurate load bearing capacity than wire mesh or expanded metal. Perforated steel sheets are very popular and widely used in a number of industries. Perforated materials are very long life and versatile it also known for lightweight and decorative to load-bearing structural components, perforated metal offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty.

1. Agriculture equipment

in the agricultural industry perforated sheet plays an important role, it needs for perforated material range from grain sorting and drying, through sieves for special application to parts for agricultural machinery. e.g.: grain dryers, hammer mill screen, combines and more.

2. Audio

A good quality perforated sheet with great look and feel. It flexible with the terms of colours and the visual effect achieved by choosing just the right perforation pattern are what convince many customers.

3. Automotive & Transport

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Mostly automotive industries always keep the car weight to an absolute minimum to achieve maximum fuel efficiency; this is an everlasting search of ideal choice to find the perforated metal. These perforated products are used in applications ranging from airbags, exhaust, air bag cylinders, speaker grilles, muffler components, guards and ventilation system to facial grilles. They protect both people and the parts behind the perforated material from heat and damage.

4. Design

Steelperforatedsheet.com produces a complete solution using advanced technology and capabilities in bending, cutting and painting. They provides solutions of company LOGO, a picture, a chair, a bench, a lamp , using perforation in the design increases the aesthetic element of your product.

5. Electronics

There is vast use of perforated metal in the electronic industries. It is all about protection, aesthetics and functionality, and suit to the office environment. . Commercial and consumer appliances use our perforated metal in drums, refrigeration units, dishwashers, baking trays, and coolers.

6. Noise control

perforated panel has very good noise control quality so it used in specialized panels and components for sound baffles engineered to exacting tolerances, which are used to control, unwanted sound in public, professional and technological speces.

7. Pharmaceutical

Perforated products are very demanding components for the medical industry, it used for laboratory equipments like sterilizer racks and test tube holders.

Perforated metal has many impressive varieties of possibilities for its use.

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