August 21, 2017

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Free YouTube Likes


Jaz Kundan

Free YouTube Likes

Organizations worldwide are rapidly taking in the benefit of utilizing YouTube videos. Not just do videos engross, they illuminate and put an organization’s image name out there for all to see. Short videos are turning out to be more popular, yet individuals still get a kick out of the chance to go to YouTube for all the site brings to the table. Making longer videos is one of the principle reasons individuals use YouTube; getting prime introduction is another. Organizations make videos with a specific end goal to direct people to their site or blog. Advancing these videos is a vital part of the advertising procedure. Videos ought to excite and instructive in the meantime. Their motivation is to get individuals to a site and make a buy. The objective of any business is making a benefit; videos help organizations achieve this objective quicker.

How to Get More

YouTube Comments are critical for the organization since it mirrors the client’s way to deal with the items or administrations; however the opposition for getting YouTube Likes is high. There are heaps of videos that are transferred each moment yet few of them are a hit with viewers and get free YouTube Likes. One needs to tail some basic techniques to get more YouTube Likes.

Quality: The nature of a video is one of the essential building squares to get more free YouTube Likes. One ought to dependably check suggested size and organizations of videos in YouTube. Nature of video relies on upon top quality picture and clear sound. Individuals incline toward short videos which are more minimized, educational and amusing. Videos whose lengths are in the middle of 30 seconds to 2 minutes get more ubiquity than longer one.

Title: Choose such titles that are significant however infectious to depict the video since individuals spend under 2 seconds perusing the title. Titles ought to be decipherable inside 2 seconds that way individuals can without much of a stretch discover it and offer it on interpersonal organizations where YouTube Views are generally expanded. It is prescribed to utilize internet searcher enhanced catchphrases in title like “how to” toward the start of an instructional exercise video.

Descriptions: YouTube gives a decent space to depict the video. One ought to utilize this choice admirably by including most related key expressions. One can likewise specify its official site URL or connection in portrayal which increments focused on movement.

Free YouTube Likes

Organizations worldwide are rapidly taking in the benefit of utilizing YouTube videos. Not just do videos engross, they illuminate and put an organization’s image name out there for all to see. Short videos are turning out to be more popular, yet individuals still get a kick out of the chance to go to YouTube for all the site brings to the table. Making longer videos is one of the principle reasons individuals use YouTube; getting prime introduction is another. Organizations make videos with a specific end goal to direct people to their site or blog. Advancing these videos is a vital part of the advertising procedure. Videos ought to excite and instructive in the meantime. Their motivation is to get individuals to a site and make a buy. The objective of any business is making a benefit; videos help organizations achieve this objective quicker.

How to Get More

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Bill Cotton, former Controller of BBC One, dies in hospital age 80

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bill Cotton, who was formerly the director of BBC One, has died in hospital at the age of 80. In 1998, he won the “Academy Fellowship” BAFTA award. Cotton died in a Bournemouth hospital.

He was first the producer of a TV show 1956, when he produced the Billy Cotton Band Show. He went on to produce Six-Five Special in 1957 and many more shows at various points in his life.

His first TV show after Six-Five Special was Play Your Hunch, which was produced in 1961. This was followed by The Dave Allen Show, then Call up the Stars.

Cotton was the director of light entertainment for the BBC between 1970 and 1977. He became the Managing Director of television for BBC, prior to his retirement in 1987. He became a member of the Order of the British Empire in 2001.

In addition to producing many films, he was due to star in the 2009 drama Gangster Kittens. Filming for Gangster Kittens has completed, so the drama will still be able to be broadcast.

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Michael Jackson doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the death of Michael Jackson, who Murray was doctor to. Dr. Murray was with the singer when he died on June 25 last year.

The doctor is alleged to have acted “unlawfully and without malice“. The prosecution’s complaint said that when Dr. Murray gave Michael Jackson a powerful sedative to attempt to assist Jackson with his sleeping, he acted “without the caution and circumspection required”. During rehearsals for a series of return concerts planned in London, England last year, the entertainer had employed the doctor to be his personal physician for the spring. If convicted of the charges, Dr. Murray could be imprisoned for up to four years.

According to Ed Chernoff, Dr. Murray’s lawyer, he will not plead guilty. Speaking on Monday, before the charge was filed, Chernoff stated: “We’ll make bail, we’ll plead not guilty and we’ll fight like hell.” The coroner’s office in Los Angeles, California, US reported that the death of Michael Jackson was a homicide, with the cause being an overdose of sedatives.

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Wikinews Shorts: February 3, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, February 3, 2010.


  • 1 Christmas day bomber cooperating
  • 2 Fire in Hyderabad hospital; 1 dead
  • 3 China begins urgent sweep for tainted milk
  • 4 Karachi violence escalates, section 144 imposed

The Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas day with hidden explosives is cooperating with investigators and providing fresh intelligence after the U.S. enlisted the help of his family, an administration official said. His family persuaded him to cooperate.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has been providing information to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents questioning him, the official told reporters on the condition of anonymity.

The official declined to provide details on what kind of information Abdulmutallab was providing.

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  • “Failed bomb aboard Delta flight” — Wikinews, December 26, 2009


Somajiguda on the map of India

One person died and 41 were injured, including three nurses who are critically injured, in a major fire at Park Healthcare Hospital in Somajiguda, a suburb of the Indian city Hyderabad, on Tuesday morning.

The fire engulfed a major portion of the five-storey hospital’s first floor, along with some medical equipment and furniture on the other floors.

City police commissioner A K Khan said that a criminal case had been registered against the hospital management. “It is also being determined whether safety standards were followed by the hospital,” he said.


Chinese authorities say they are preparing to launch a crackdown on melamine-laced milk after the scandal over tainted products, which made hundreds of thousands of children ill two years ago and damaged China’s brand reputation overseas, resurfaced.

China has dispatched inspectors to sixteen provinces to urge local governments to thoroughly investigate cases concerning food safety.

The decision comes after milk products tainted with the industrial chemical melamine were removed from sale in Shanghai and the provinces of Shaanxi, Shandong, Liaoning and Hebei, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said.

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  • “Contaminated baby’s milk induces wave of child illness in China” — Wikinews, September 22, 2008


At least twenty-six people have been killed in Karachi, Pakistan after four days of ethnic killings, according to police officials. The officials said that nine people were killed on Monday in the city’s Orangi western neighbourhood, which has a majority ethnic Pashtun community.

The Sindh government has awarded special powers to the Pakistan Rangers under Section 5 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 and imposed Section 144 in the limits of 26 police stations for a month.

At least forty people were killed as ethnic clashes erupted across the city in early January.Home minister of Sindh province, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has called upon the Army to restore peace and order.


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August 19, 2017

Benefits Of Tracking Your Food Every Day}

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Submitted by: Kya Grace

As fast foods and beverages take over a substantial part of your daily diet, it is important to keep a watch over your menu. Simply following a diet hardly ever yields results in case of weight loss. It requires a combination of physical activities and successful regulation of your food intake to help you get in shape and keep ailments away.

Is Daily Tracking of Your Food Intake Necessary?

Yes, it is very important to keep tracking your daily food intake. The fast paced lifestyle that people follow today has made eating a routine process that satisfies hunger. But you should remember that the food you eat is the fuel that helps your body to function properly. A non-nutritious diet and irregular food habit can ruin your health and take the joy off your life. Daily food tracking will make your meal times more regular and your diet more nutritious. This will obviously help boost your health.

Benefits of Tracking Your Food Daily

Some of the benefits of daily food tracking are

Processed foods and beverages, seen as junk foods, add more calories to your body from the saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium that they contain. Unless monitored, the unwanted calories can make you obese and give rise to ailments like cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Naturally, keeping a watch on your food and regulating your calorie intake is absolutely necessary.

Daily tracking of food can also help in losing weight successfully. Monitoring calorie intake along with moderate physical activity can help you achieve that perfect body that you had always wanted to have.

If you suffer from disorders such as compulsive eating or other emotional eating syndromes, your irregular food intake may interfere with your weight loss programs and ruin your fitness plans. Regular food monitoring can help you avoid this and successfully achieve your fitness goal.

Tracking and Food Behavior

One of the major benefits of tracking your food every day is to get an idea about your food behavior. Monitoring your consumption can help you get a clear idea about the times when you crave for food. It helps you understand whether your food intake is associated to your emotions. Many people tend to overeat while reading or watching television or eat just after an argument with a loved one. Eating food after an argument can make people feel good just like it does while shopping after a bad break-up.

How to Keep Track of Food Intake?

You can keep track using diaries, spreadsheets, simple journals or even sticky notes on your desktop. Many websites extend food tracking services to let you keep records of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Daily food monitoring will help you make a diet plan that is more nutritious and has a lower calorific value.

Food Tracking Applications

These days, there are even applications available for users of smartphones like Blackberry and iPhone to help them maintain weekly and monthly reports of their food consumption. Many of these apps also suggest meal plans and exercise routines to users depending on the data that they have put in. This improves your overall dietary habit and makes your meal more balanced.

Science has made food tracking much easier. Make sure that you do not let this assistance go waste.

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Israeli company develops new radioactive waste conversion process

Friday, March 30, 2007

Israeli firm Environmental Energy Resources (EER) has announced that it has developed a new technology, plasma gasification melting technology (PGM), to safely dispose of low- and medium-level nuclear waste. Extremely high temperatures are used to turn the waste into a mildly radioactive glass-like substance, which can be used as a building material. The process also releases an extremely hot mixture of gases that can be used to power steam turbines, generating electricity. The company claims that 70% of this electricity is used to drive the PGM process, while 30% is available as exportable energy.

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Arson charge for man who cleaned home with gasoline

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ernest Krajniak from Chilton, Wisconsin in the United States has been charged with arson after a lit cigarette ignited gasoline soaked clothes, setting his apartment ablaze.

On Friday April 3, Krajniak, 47, cleaned his entire apartment with about five gallons of gasoline, wiping everything down with the soaked clothes. After he was finished, he piled the soaked clothes in the center of his bedroom, lit a cigarette and then threw what was left of the still lit cigarette, into the pile.

Krajniak never called the fire department and never pulled the alarm. Instead he yelled ‘fire’ a few times then walked to the police station where an ambulance took him to a local hospital for the treatment of minor burns. The fire department later arrived to put out the blaze and his apartment was extensively smoke damaged. 11 other apartments were also damaged, leaving the occupants without a place to stay for at least a week.

“I should have never used that,” said Krajniak during a court appearance on Monday. He admitted to knowing that gasoline was highly flammable. He was arrested and his bond has been set a US$2,500. Krajniak’s next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, April 13. According to, Krajniak has no prior criminal record.

The careless smoking of cigarettes has been blamed for thousands of fires across the U.S. In January 2008, an unnamed elderly woman in Buffalo, New York was receiving oxygen for medical problems in her home and lit a cigarette and began to smoke it. The oxygen coming from her mask then facilitated the ignition of her clothing, setting her on fire.

In the U.S. in 2002, only 4% of all residential fires were reportedly caused by smoking materials. These fires, however, were responsible for 19% of residential fire fatalities and 9% of injuries. The fatality rate due to smoking is nearly four times higher than the overall residential fire rate; injuries are more than twice as likely. Forty percent of all smoking fires start in the bedroom or living room/family room; in 35% of these fires, bedding or upholstered furniture are the items first ignited.

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Conservative Party launches manifesto

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, Monday, launched its slimline manifesto for the May 5th general election, a twenty-seven page document entitled The British Dream.

The manifesto focuses on five key areas:

Lower tax and value for money: The party plans to make up to £12 billion of savings annually by reducing beurocracy such as quangos. £8 billion will reduce previous deficit, and £4 billion of tax cuts will be made, especially to what have been called “stealth taxes”. The party promised that funding for education, health, transport and international development would not be cut, and spending on police, defence and pensions would be increased.

Flexible childcare and school discipline: The manifesto promised an increase in maternity pay and more choice of childcare. Under a conservative government more independence over expulsions and admissions would be given to school heads and governors. Special schools for disruptive pupils would be created, and more vocational courses would be created for 14-16 year olds.

Better healthcare and cleaner hospitals: A major feature of the coservative campaign has been hospital sourced infections, and in respose the party have promised to introduce ward matrons charged with keeping hospitals clean, with the authority to close wards with MRSA infections. A Conservative government would contribute funding towards operations in private hospitals. Econimic migrants with HIV or TB would not be allowed to live or work in Britain.

Safer communities and more police: A Conservative government would increase police recruitment by 5,000 a year. The manifesto promised to increase prison terms and increase Britain’s prison capacity by 20,000 places. The party would reverse the Labour government’s decision to relax laws prohibiting Canabis use.

Secure borders and controlled immigration: The manifesto proposes a new border police at Britain’s busiest air and sea ports, with 24 hour surveilance. The party would set a quota on economic migrants and reject asylym-seekers who are not vetted by the UNHCR.

Party leader Michael Howard summed up the manifesto: “If you long for cleaner hospitals, more police, school discipline, controlled immigration, lower taxes and accountability – you can vote for it, on 5 May”, accusing prime-minister Tony Blair, who is campaigning for his third term, of letting the country down.

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Purchase A Computer With Bad Credit Computer Finance}

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Purchase A Computer With Bad Credit Computer Finance


Turk Malloy

Now a days, computer has become the essential part of our daily life. With the help of computer, we can find the whole world in our hand via internet. If you are suffering from bad credit history, then you can go for bad credit computer finance. Bad credit computer finance is made for people who are suffering from bad credit history but looking for finance. Through this finance, you can have your own computer, lap top, desk top and you can fulfill other computer related expenses.

Bad credit borrower has to face some disadvantage that cant be ignored. Bad credit borrower such as those suffering from CCJs, defaults, arrears etc has to pay higher interest rate and loan is available for shorter repayment term compared to good credit borrower with bad credit computer finance.

YouTube Preview Image

Bad credit computer finance is easily available by placing your assets such as, auto mobile, home, etc as collateral. Owing to collateral, you have to pay lower interest rate and affordable repayment term. You can also negotiate with the lender regarding interest rate and repayment term. With bad credit computer finance you can get 125% value of the collateral placed.

You must take bad credit computer finance, but before taking it you have to make plan regarding repayment and strictly follow it. If you fail to make repayment on time, then the borrower has full authority to look for legal proceedings. And your credit history will be worsened. If you make repayment on time, then your credit history will be improved.

Through online method, you can avail numerous quotes of various lenders. You can judge the quotes better from home compared to going to offices of the lenders. There is also comparison tool available, which helps to analyze the various loan deals and you can choose the better lender. So, go for better deal.

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New Jersey officials: Stimulus bill hurting Atlantic City casinos

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Jersey congressman says restrictions on federal stimulus money are hurting gaming destinations like Atlantic City, and he is seeking to repeal a provision banning the use of funds for casinos or other gaming establishments.

Is Ken Calemmo right to suggest that the gaming industry is as important as manufacturing, retail or finance?
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“The demonization of gaming destinations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City for business travel is wrong, wrong, wrong,” U.S. Rep Frank LoBiondo said Friday during a press conference in front of Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

The $787 billion federal stimulus bill passed in February specifically prohibits casinos from applying for funds for infrastructure improvements and other similar projects. LoBiondo said Atlantic City is losing millions of dollars in business as a result of that provision.

Casinos’ revenues dropped 19.2 percent in February 2009 month compared to February 2008, according to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. LoBiondo said $160 million worth of business and 120,000 visitors have chosen other cities for their tourism plans due to the stimulus bill, according to Atlantic City Convention Center figures.

The administration also recently determined other groups like nonprofit organizations and local governments may not spend their stimulus money at casino properties. State officials said the rules are damaging a major pillar of the New Jersey economy.

“Are those jobs somehow less important or less meaningful than those in the manufacturing, retail or financial industries?” said Ken Calemmo, chairman-elect of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber.

Anti-gambling officials said the stimulus law does not prohibit casinos from taking advantage of tax breaks, and Atlantic City officials should not complain about the stimulus bill because the city is too reliant on an unreliable revenue stream.

“There isn’t a state, including New Jersey or Nevada, that could gamble themselves rich, any more than an individual could gamble themselves rich,” said Tom Grey, field director for “They should’ve diversified (the economy) instead of chasing their loss.”

But Joe Kelly, chamber president, said 35,000 people work at New Jersey casinos, and thousands more around the state work for outside vendors that depend on casinos for their business.

“It is not just an Atlantic County issue. It is not just a Cape May issue,” Kelly said. “There’s purchasing done by every county.”

LoBiondo is working to repeal the provision with U.S. Rep Shelly Berkley, co-chair of the Congressional Gaming Cascus, and has reached out to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has a history of representing the interests of the gaming industry.

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